For many years various torque ring and integral torque shoulder designs have been used in the center “J” area of oil country pipe couplings, located between the threaded pin ends, with various degrees of improved connection performance. However, axial loads combined with internal pressure can separate the 90 degree metal-to-metal seal resulting in leaks.

The new Fulcrum Center Torque Ring (FCR) design is a true pressure-actuated metal-to-metal sealing system that is oilfield tough and very dependable. When properly made up, the required initial contact force is established between the pin ends and the fulcrum center torque ring and any additional internal pressure serves to increase that sealing contact force up to and beyond the axial loads and pressures of accepted string design limits.

The Fulcrum Center Torque Ring (FCR) design, methods of application and use is the most economical system for upgrading threaded and coupled connections to premium performance levels. The ability to machine the “Fulcrum Point” on either the torque ring or the coupling center enables this design system to be incorporated into connections having specialty threads. 8-Round and Buttress threaded tubing and casing connections can also be upgraded to premium performance at very low cost.

The new FCR^50.6.50 Thread brings to the oil and gas industry the latest advances in thread technology. When machined on pipe with upset end areas the 0.050 in. thread height, .050 in. per inch taper and 6-full form threads per inch with 90 degree load flanks handle the combined loads of tension, torsion, and bending with ease.

When machined on non-upset pipe, the shallow taper and thread height on pin-ends ensures that maximum cross-section area of the pipe body remains under the thread roots of the pin-ends. The stab flanks are a large radius which provides maximum contact area to resist galling during makeup rotation and carry all compressive loads.

Using the latest patented thread cutting insert technology, enables the FCR^50.6.50 male and female threads to be interfaced to a very near mirror image fit insuring thread sealing after many makeups and breakouts. When combined with the Fulcrum Center Torque Ring (FCR), the FCR^50.6.50 threads provide a very strong and stable connection system for use on casing, upset and non-upset tubing and production liners that require flush joints.

When ordering new tubular goods or refurbishing existing inventory, consider the economical FCR^50.6.50 connection system for premium performance.


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